Benefits of Installing Fireplace Doors

If you use a fireplace and chimney in your home, why not add fireplace doors? These doors provide an amazing appeal to the space, but their aesthetic value is but one of the many benefits they bring to your home. Read below to learn some of the many reasons you should consider calling a professional to discuss your fireplace surround Portland OR options today.

1- Improved Safety

A fireplace provides immaculate beauty when it fire burns inside, but this also comes at an enhanced risk of being involved in a fire. When glass doors are placed around the fireplace, those risks diminish and it is much easier to use the fireplace.

2- Save Money

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Looking for a simple way to reduce utility costs? When fireplace doors are installed, it helps prevent air from escaping into the chimney, which causes warm air to escape and cool air to fill the room.

3- Improved Efficiency

Fireplaces aren’t exactly efficient to heat a home. Researchers say that only about 10% of the firewood’s energy is actually converted to heat that is useful in the home. The glass doors improve the efficiency rate of the firewood by sometimes as much as triple the amount.

4- Increased Home Value

Selling the home in the future? The fireplace doors will increase the appeal of the home as well as the value that it brings. Who doesn’t want to earn the most profit from their home sale? Now you can!

Final Thoughts

Fireplace doors are sold in assorted styles and designs, making it easy for any homeowner to create the exact look they want to enhance their decorative style. Choose something sleek and sophisticated or choose something that is neutral or fun. These benefits are yours with installation. What are you waiting for?